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Duffy's Classic Car Buying Guide

We get it. Shopping for a classic car can be a difficult task. As you search for your next classic, we want to take the uncertainty out of the equation. We hope this will help you understand what to look for and what to avoid. 

We get asked nearly every day what classic car should I buy? Or how do I buy a classic car long distance?  Or how do I know I'm getting a good car?  These are all fair and important questions and they are far from every question that is on anyone's mind, but they are the first few steps to consider.

Our answer to the first question is pretty simple: Buy a car you want to own! Not the car your brother in-law says to buy or the guys at the coffee shop. You are going to be the one buying, owning, and driving what is hopefully, your dream car.  So, make sure it is the right one.  Along with that we recommend you buy as "done" a car as you can afford.  The reason for this is the costs to restore a car today are skyrocketing with the costs of materials and labor and the popularity of the hobby.  Of course, if you are the ultimate hobbyist and can do the work yourself and like doing it, then buy a project and enjoy the process it can be fun. But if you don't do the work yourself you will save tens of thousands of dollars, have a lot less grief, and can enjoy the car immediately upon it hitting your driveway when you purchase a done car.

The next two questions kind of go hand in hand.  Doing business on old cars long distance is a bit scary, we know that!  What we recommend is find someone you know is going to be there tomorrow, someone who has some skin in the game, someone that will stand behind what they sell you. Very few old cars are perfect, you won't hear a lot of those kinds of superlatives coming out of our shop, but we do our utmost to get your car prepped and ready to enjoy so you don't have to worry about how much money you will have to spend the day after it arrives. That is not to say everything we do will be perfect, we are human and these are old cars, but we will do our best to make right what may be needed.

So, whomever you deal with should be willing to answer your questions or get the answer if at all possible and make that information available to you. To go along with that there are several third-party inspection companies out there today that you can hire to proof the car for you. If the company or individual you are working with has issues with an inspection...move on. 

Duffy's is a bit old school when it comes to today's business model, we are a brick and mortar building with roots in our community. We own our inventory and it is all right here in our building and we do the reconditioning on the cars ourselves. We aren't representing 400 cars from around the country that we don't know anything about except what the owner has told us. You are buying your dream car from us, directly. Therefore, we are obligated to you and will do what is reasonable to make you happy. 

Owning an old car is meant to be fun and we feel the process should be also. This entire industry is based on having a good time, so we ask you to let us earn the privilege of helping you acquire that just right memory that will allow you years of cruising enjoyment, right from the first turn of the key.